Sunday, July 27, 2003

A fistful of links

The quilt that Michelle Hyman made and gave me (and which we gave to the CBLDF for the auction) is visible at Michelle's page, along with an account of its making. The quilt is based on the single most obscure Sandman image that exists -- the Vince Locke Sandman poster that was done for Best Buy in about 1992, and never sold in to the comics market. (I'd link to the Vince pic if I knew where it was...)

You can also see the final exciting moments of the actual auction in this photo: (the person wearing blue in the background is Charles Brownstein, Head Honcho of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund). Photo by Karon Flage, features editor of the terrific Sequential Tart site.

[And, incidentally, from the same source, this photo of Julie Schwartz and Ray Bradbury makes me very happy. Not only because both gentlemen are still alive and kicking, but because, well, Julie's so obviously Julie, first a fan and an agent (actually once upon a time Ray Bradbury's editor), then an editor, and then retired into a goodwill ambassador for comics, still kvetching and grumbling and having the time of his life; meanwhile Ray smiles like an ageless cherub and somehow makes it all better.]

Tori's Lottapianos Summer Blockbuster tour has started as of yesterday, supported by Ben Folds... details at: (I don't think she's played "Snow Cherries" yet.... And yes, for the dozens of you who have written to remind me, I know that I said I'd write a post about the time at her place last month. Sooner or later I shall, honest.)

There's a picture of the trade paperback (ie, larger format, more respectable version) of American Gods at (And I should mention that a lot of on-line places, and for all I know bricks and mortar bookshops, are currently selling the hardback of American Gods for less than the mass-market paperback. )

The Publisher's Weekly article by Jeff Zaleski was faxed to me this morning. He did an excellent job (although I wished he'd sent the article to me for a hasty fact-and-name-spelling-check pre-publication as I could have spared him a few letters from earnest people in the weeks to come), and he describes Endless Nights as a "comics masterpiece" in it, which "demonstrates the enormous range of the comics medium in both content and style" which made me very happy. (On the downside, I also learned from the article that I have a "slight paunch", which means, I suspect, an awful lot of a sit-ups and vegetables in my immediate future.)

Here's a small picture of the PW cover, and me with unlikely hair:


Lots of news and links and post-San Diego stuff accumulated by the tireless Lucy Anne over at The Dreaming website. There doesn't seem a lot of point in me reposting it all, so you should probably go to the Dreaming at and check it out...