Saturday, July 26, 2003

Public Service Announcements. Also ping-pong puppetry....

This is obviously a bit late -- it would have gone up earlier if I'd had web access. (Still, the day's not over yet.) It's from Charles Brownstein at the CBLDF.

Blogging For Liberty!

The 2003 Blogathon starts tomorrow at 6 AM Pacific Time. Blogathon
is a 24 hour telethon-like event where webmasters post articles /
updates to their website every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight.
Users pledge either a flat amount or an amount-per-hour, and all
proceeds go to the charity or organization of the webmasters'
choosing. This year the following supporters are sacrificing sleep
and sanity to benefit the Fund. Pay them many visits or better yet,
make a pledge and watch the results!

Joe Peacock will be writing a 24 hour novel at to benefit the Fund.
Rob Callahan will also be writing a novel, his written from the last
chapter to the first at
Dave Hill will be reviewing comics and talking shop at
Lisa Rocci will be saying her piece at

For more information on Blogathon visit (edit: actually
These folks are going the mile for free speech, so be sure to support
their efforts by checking in. Blogathon starts tomorrow at 6 AM
pacific time and concludes on Sunday at 6 AM pacific time. 24 hours
of writing is a Herculean effort, so cheer them on!

San Diego Shellshock!

The CBLDF office is up and running again following a week out at the
Comic-Con in San Diego. This show was a monster with attendance
estimates coming in with figures upwards of 80,000 people in
attendance. We'll be offering a more detailed update next week,
but for now we'd like to thank everyone who made this year's
show the best San Diego for fundraising in the history of the CBLDF.
Very special thanks go out to all of our signers; to Neil Gaiman, who
gave a spectacular evening reading on Saturday; Chuck Rozanski whose
auctioneering brought in over $17,000 at our Saturday night auction;
and all of our volunteers who gave phenomenal time and effort to make
this show a blockbuster. Watch CBLDF News next week for a full, in-
depth report and a preview of WizardWorld Chicago!


This isn't a question, but more of just a few sentences to inform you about something Really Good. This something is the annual Blog-a-Thon(website:, which consists of a bunch of crazy bloggers (yours truly included; website: staying up for twenty-four hours and blogging every half hour to raise money for a charity of their choice. It's really a very cool project, but it doesn't get nearly enough publicity, and while I don't expect you to give us money, it would be very nice and probably a bit of karma in your favor if you'd help spread the good word. I'm feeling a bit guilty, because I'm participating at a group blog, see, and a certain member was irate because she felt some of us were not trying to get more donors.

So, see, if you help out you get not only the warm fuzzy feeling of helping the needy, but also the warm fuzzy feeling of helping me.



Mr Gaiman,

You have to see this (requires Flash):


Hi Neil,
I'm hoping you'll mention a worthwhile charity project in your blog that I helped out with. A number of very talented artists - some of whom you may have run into personally contributed. These would include artists in the comics field - Tony DiTerlizzi, David Mack, Chris Moeller, and Ken Meyer Jr.. There are also a number of other wonderful artists who lent their talent (including yours truly).

We all put together a 2004 calendar for RAINN themed around your friend, the great Tori Amos. RAINN, for those unfamiliar, is the Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network, the charity that runs the National Rape Crisis Hotline in the US (1-800-656-HOPE). RAINN is hurting for funding and unfortunately the problem of sexual abuse is still constantly in the headlines.

All of these artists volunteered their work for free to help Tori's favorite charity. 100% of proceeds on sale of this calendar go to RAINN. Tori herself endorses this project and even chose the art submissions herself.

RAINN is accepting pre-orders of the calendar now at their website. See to order.

David Louie

and this is one that Kevin Kelly at the Jim Henson Company asked me to put up. My daughter Holly did her summer internship last year at Henson's doing precisely this, had a great time and learned a lot ("Hey Dad. I didn't know you'd written something called MirrorMask. I just had to write coverage on it.")

Jim Henson Company Internships
Film/TV Development Intern Positions Available
Accepting resumes for Fall, Spring and Summer Interns
in our Los Angeles office

Internship Description:

Supporting the Jim Henson Company creative team in the development of fantasy genre films and television.

Duties include; reading lots of scripts & books, writing coverage, creative research, writer/director/design research, compiling artwork and pitch materials, general office support, assisting executives, coordinating materials with the Archive department, running occasional errands, etc.

We are looking for students with a great positive attitude, desire to learn, and willingness to be flexible. This is a fun, relaxed place to work with a lot of creative energy and a good mix of hard work.

Students must provide proof of college credit for the internship, and assume responsibility for transportation, and their living arrangements, etc. Four full days a week of interning is preferred. Students majoring in a communications or entertainment related field such as film, TV, screenwriting, etc., are preferred, but not required.

Please fax or e-mail a resume and cover letter stating your interest.
ATTN: MELISSA EATON (323) 802-1628 phone (323) 802-1835 fax