Monday, July 28, 2003

Alan Interview at Locus, and other things...

You know, there's been so much going on that I forgot to mention a few things I should've. Last month's Locus Magazine was the graphic novel special, edited by Charles Vess. There are some fragments from their Alan Moore interview online -- and here's their contents list.

Locus is doing a few "Specials" now each year -- so far this year they've done the Horror and the Graphic Novel specials, with more to come (the extra length gets paid for by the publishers taking more ad space), and I'm really enjoying them. Anyway, I'd hate for comics people to miss out on that issue of Locus because someone forgot to mention it here. It's still on sale in places that Locus is sold, or by mailorder through the website.

Hi Neil,

I saw that one of the journal readers was wanting to get his hands on more of Barron Storey's work and I have a page ( set up that shows a lot of his work and gives help finding some of it. Readers of the journal should also try, were Barron has started to upload some stuff.

Jeff Avila

Barron Storey art is wonderful stuff. I'm so pleased there's a place to point people to, Jeff.

I understand that this is a somewhat odd question but here it goes anyway. My friend and I were at Comic Con San Diego and, while in the autograph line on friday the 18th, she had her photograph taken twice by a balding man going up and down the line of fans asking them questions and snapping photos as he went( I do beleive he was supposed to be there and not just insane), and she would very much like to know where she might find said photographs (as would I, because it would amuse me). I will understand if you do not know the where abouts of these photos, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. (If you need a discription to find the photos, she was wearing fishnet, pvc, and boots (all in black), multiple rings (one of which was a claw ring of particular interest to the man), black eye make-up, blue lipstick to match her eyes, and black hair, as ever.) Thank you so very much for just reading my babble and extra as much if you do find the photos.
With a smile and a nod,

You know, there's a reason why people think that my typical reader is thin, beautiful, dresses in black and probably has blue lipstick. In reality, you could probably wildly fire a machine gun into the crowd at any large signing of mine without killing more than a couple of dozen people of any gender answering to this description.

It's the photographers we have to blame. They know what they want in their shots, and what they want wears fishnet and black pvc.

So. To answer your question, the gentleman taking the photos is a photographer for Entertainment Weekly. They are doing a profile on me, to run when Sandman: Endless Nights comes out, in mid-September. I first became aware of his existence during the Vertigo Panel, when I noticed that one of the people up on the dais was not an artist or writer I was familiar with, and was instead taking photos of me from behind. "It's okay," he said, when I looked at him. "I'm from Entertainment Weekly."

I suppose, in retrospect, he could have been a brilliant imposter...


Today's weirdest request was from a TV movie channel who wondered if I'd host their Hallowe'en movie week. It's only when faced with trivial questions like that that I become deeply aware of what a serious and respectable business being an author is, and of one's responsibility to maintain the dignity of the profession.

"As a responsible and serious-minded author," I asked myself, "what kind of message would you be sending to the world by appearing as a cheesy horror host at Hallowe'en and introducing scary movies?"

I said yes immediately. I hope I get to climb out of a coffin at some point. I've always wanted to climb out of a coffin.