Monday, July 28, 2003

Pasties (not the nipple kind) and blogging from a phone.

Hi Neil,
This isn't a FAQ so much as a "Hey, how about that."
Hormel Aussie Pies (a type of frozen chicken pie sold here in the States at Costco, don't know about their avaliability elsewhere) remind me strongly of Shadow's pasties in American Gods.
Just thought you should know, as until I found them I (and I'm sure others) had been craving the pasties ever since reading about them.

Love, Jen

Ah, but this being the internet age, if it's real pasties you crave, and you're on the North American continent, real pasties you can have...

You could visit Muldoons Pasty Shop, Munising Michigan, mail order available. For that matter, there's even a ( and .org) -- they don't ship pasties during the hot summer season, but tells you all about who they are and how they came to be...

Hi Neil,

just read your little post about blogging via your mobile e-mail function... well, I have no idea what kind of handy you have, but if it can do Java, then or could be just for you. I do use blogplanet from time to time, and, really, it's as simple as writing an SMS.

Oh, and thanks for the note about the Tori-Inspired calendar at RAINN. Ordered one the minute I saw it, seems like a fantastic piece of art... and for a good purpose, what more can you ask for?

May the Night bless You

Stefan Brinkmann
Der NachtPoet

Thanks for the suggestions. Blogplanet didn't want to install on the phone (a Nokia 7120) but Azure went on just fine. Next time I'm on the road I'll try and post with it -- I suspect that anything will be more successful than the "e-mail blogger" function.