Saturday, June 21, 2003

Argh. Also, as always, sorry...

The only immutable law of this journal seems to be, if something is going to go wrong, it will go wrong on Friday Night, for the maximum amount of irritation for everyone until people at Harper and at Authors on the Web turn up on Monday and start to fix it. Sigh...

I'm trying to get the new version of Blog This! to work properly, so here's an article on Rock City from the Tuscaloosa News, posted because American Gods seems to have crept into the fabric of the story of the place. (Nope. The new version of Blog This! didn't work at all.)

And huge apologies to those 1200-odd Livejournal people who found their friends lists clogged by everything I've written in the last week appearing in a 90 second period from last night (which seems to be the point of changeover from the old style blogger pro to whatever we're on now).

Please don't write and tell me I should be keeping this journal in Livejournal or Moveable Type or something. (It's like the people who write to say "Ah, if you had a Mac this would never happen" whenever I mention a Windows machine crashed. It doesn't help.)