Sunday, June 22, 2003

Still apologising hopefully.

Again, apologies to the 3000 plus LiveJournal people who've come by in the last 24 hours to see why I'd suddenly started spamming their friends list, and then, apparently, shut up. I'm hopeful that everything can be made to work properly again, as soon as people who can fix things start talking to each other.

Hey Neil, I was just checking your "Where's Neil?" section on the website and noticed it's not been updated since ... well ... May.
*friendly prod* Oi. :)

I'll consider myself prodded -- I've roughed out a schedule to the end of October, and will stick it up over the next day or so. Several New York appearances, an autumnal Scandinavian/German Tour and the San Diego Comiccon are on there. The most frustrating thing is that it doesn't look like I can do the Washington Post Book World event with Terry Pratchett on Sept 27th, as I will have to be in Finland that weekend. It would have been really good to see Terry, and also to see the Washington Posts's Michael Dirda (whose book An Open Book I'm currently reading. It's autobiographical, charming, funny and honest, about how books shape us. Or at least, how books shaped Michael, but reading it I keep experiencing flashes of happy recognition, understanding how much readers have in common as a breed.)

Everyone else is going to tell you this, too, because we all adore Blogger and adore you, but anyway: There's a new version of BlogThis!, which can be downloaded from the sixth question down on the new interface FAQ.

And while software does not have feelings, software developers certainly do. Carving out pounds of your flesh, bathing it with your sweat and infusing it with your life's blood, and then packaging it up in your self-esteem and placing it before the world's critics--it's not unlike writing.

But I understand your sentiment; the new version of Blogger has ticked me off a few times, too.

I found the new Blog This! just fine, but can't get it to work. The old version worked just fine. I'm sure that there are people hard at work getting the bugs out of these things, he said wearily...