Friday, June 20, 2003

Continuing to test things on the New! Imporved! Bolgger!

I see Blogger has completely redone its code. Some weird little frustrations -- no idea why the title for the last entry vanished, and I had to go behind the scenes and try and make sure that everything was set as it should be (it had reset itself for LA time, for some reason, and turned off the RSS feed). And for some reason all of the livejournal postings for the last week seem to have been republished as of 9.01 pm tonight.

Oh well.

On the good side, the archives at, which have always tended to have missing months, or wrongly labelled months, are now, finally, actually working.

On the downside, the title for the last entry vanished, as I said, and seems to be impossible to replace, and the new "Blog this!" thing for web pages barely seems to work. (Not sure why I'm saying "barely seems to work" when I mean "has completely failed to do anything useful". Politeness, I suppose, although I know software doesn't really have feelings.)

So here's a link sent in by Emil Aalto, carefully polished and inserted by hand: It's deeply strange and wonderful.... You should read it, to find out all about how Jesus went to Japan, and lived to be 106...


The MirrorMask dailies today contained all the scenes in Mrs Bagwell's house. Mrs Bagwell is old and mad, and her house is filled with vicious little sphinxes, about the size of housecats, who are slowly taking over, like in this article from Teresa Nielsen Hayden's archives. It's very odd, watching the dailies, of a scene in a small room in the middle of a blue studio, with blue cushion-shapes showing where the sphinxes will be sleeping and reclining and rending things. As Mrs Bagwell says,

"...the kittens do the funniest things. My husband, the late Mr. Bagwell, thought they were a nuisance. He called them moggies. They loved him, though. They were so upset after he disappeared that they wouldn't touch their food for a week."

I'm not sure she's ever quite made the connection.