Thursday, January 30, 2003
Let's pick out a more or less random grab-bag of recent questions...

Who is Trevor, and why is he using power tools at your house?

Trevor is one third of the people in my assistant Lorraine's new band, Folk Underground. This is their website. He is using power tools because he knows how to use them to make shelves that stay up. I've never really got to grips with the whole putting up shelves thing. Not the kind that stay up, anyway.

This statement of yours: "by posting inappropriate literary musings about George and Saddam..." reeks of the decline of World citizens in declaring how they actually feel. This self-censorship may be a cause of the power structure getting their way so much instead of the rest of us getting what is best for us. So many of else have all these wonderful things to say but are hesitant to say them because we fear the consequences. Please don't start second guessing what you want to express; no matter how negative or un-patriotic (nonsense) some of what you want to say might feel. Right for your own sensibilities not someone elses.
erik b

Good lord. And there was me, thinking it was funny, and all the time it reeks of the decline etc.

Luckily, being English, I can be as rude about George Bush as I like and remain patriotic. Also, being English, I'm allowed to be as rude about Tony and Cherie Blair, the Queen, the railways, London Congestion Charges and Cilla Black as I like, and still be patriotic. Well, as long as I'm not actually patriotic, I can be as patriotic as I like. Um.

How can I contact him personally with letter correspondance or even e-mail?

It's all there in the FAQs, honest.

Hello again Neil. It's 'Colin' again, from Warwickshire, UK. Thanks for your prompt response to my previous question re. Neverwhere on DVD. Much appreciated!

However ... just a few days later ... I stumble across this on Yahoo Auctions:

Does this mean that the official DVD is already available, and is *all region* ... which would be a delight for us Brit/EuroFogs ... or would I be right in wondering if there was a copyright issue here?

Please accept my apologies if you are not the right person to ask ... but perhaps you may know who is.

Thanks ... Colin

They're bootlegs. I hear the quality is awful, and the "WRITTEN, ADAPTED and DIRECTED by NEIL GAIMAN" on the cover should be a dead giveaway, as I didn't "adapt" them -- and I certainly didn't Direct them. That was Dewi Humphries.

Lucy Anne over at The Dreaming has found the second part of the interview with Constantine, the director of the Sex, Lies and Superheroes documentary, at ("Groupies" indeed! They were very nice ladies recruited from the ranks of the people at the signing the night before who didn't get their stuff signed because the line was too long, and they all brought significant others along, just in case Constantine was not, in fact, as he had claimed, a legitimate filmmaker interviewing Neil Gaiman.) See -- Sunday 14th of July.

Neil -
Congratulations! I just read in Locus that you've won the Most Collectible Author of the Year award! I didn't even know such an award existed, but it certainly makes sens that it should go to you...
All the best,

I don't know what to say.