Friday, January 31, 2003
dear mr. gaiman,
i have been a fan of your work for several years now & have read almost all of it. however, there is very little information about films based on your work. as an actress, writer, and someday director & producer, i want terribly to find out more. i know that plans for death: the high cost of living are in the works & that jim henson company owns neverwhere. i even read that you had opposed scripts involving sandman. i understand how busy you are & i am sure you receive tons of emails, but i know i am not the only person interested in this information. thank you for your time.

pepper reed

Good morning Pepper. Let's see... If you go to you'll find the Cindy Lynn Speer essay/interview on what's happening in the world of films. It's about 3 months out of date right now, and I expect that in another 3 months we'll update it.

When and if anything more solid happens, it'll be in the trades, and I'll announce it here as well.

If you want to be in something, well, keep your ear to the wall, be prepared to send out head shots and be prepared for disappointment. If you want to adapt or produce something filmic, then talk to my agents -- you'll find them listed in the FAQs at

And good luck.

Dear Mr. Gaiman:

It's been a looong time since your last visit to Spain (at least for us, your spanish fans!), and I will be really really sad if I can't say hello to you in person when you come here, in April. So I want to ask you to tell us at least wich city/ies are you going to visit, and which days, as soon as possible, in order to get my holydays those days.

By the way, do you know if Coraline is going to be published in Spain by the time you come?

Thank you very much. Really looking forward for your next stories.


I'm not quite sure of the dates yet -- it will be the end of April or early May and as soon as we have dates for the tour, then I'll put them up here. CORALINE will certainly be published in Spain by the time I get there.

Incidentally, the Spanish edition of American Gods has just been released, in a heavy, hardcover edition with a bison-headed god on the cover. (You can see it here at the Norma site.)