Thursday, January 30, 2003
Overheard in the kitchen:

"Now, I think it's time for a new House Rule, Maddy."

"Okay. What?"

"Well, you know that game where you sneak up quietly behind Trevor, and then you jump out and scare him?"


"Well, you're not to do it when he's using power tools."

"Hmph. Who said?"

"Well, Trevor did, actually."


Lots of FAQs coming in about Mirror Mask, the Dave McKean film that he'll be making for Hensons. (Here's a news release or something about it.)

This is the film that we wrote last year, in early February, in the Henson family house in Hampstead, which was a little like being in 1979, as the house hadn't been changed in any way since Jim died.

And while it grew out of talks about Labyrinth, it's not a sequel in any way, shape or form. (I would have loved to have done a Labyrinth Sequel, but the rights are held by Hensons and Lucasfilms, and it became apparent that that wasn't going to happen. So we did something else instead.) (And it looks like I'll get my wish to do a Brian Froud film in another way entirely.)

Dave and I cowrote the script last year, but it's very much his vision and my dialogue. (And sometimes his dialogue.)

The current plan is that it's going to be straight-to-video/DVD unless Hensons decide to release it theatrically, which will depend on how the finished film looks. The budget is miniscule, and about 70% of the film will be made by Dave using the techniques he explored in The Week Before and Neon, where he creates worlds inside the computer that people move about in as though they are real.

It has sphinxes in it, and travelling books, and floating giants, also circuses, a door of keys, and a swamp that isn't there any more.


The new Balvenie Islay cask 17 year old is a really nice whisky.

I pretty much destroyed the house server-computer by trying to install a new firewall on it.

And I seem to have, briefly, I expect, trippled the traffic here by posting inappropriate literary musings about George and Saddam...