Friday, January 17, 2003
I was delighted to see the mention of a forthcoming Neverwhere DVD on the Journal. Will this be available in Region 2 (or Region 0) format to keep all us legion of European fans happy?

I don't know, but probably not. BBC worldwide still have the rights to Neverwhere in the UK. While they might release it on DVD if it's a commercial success in the US, I'd be surprised if they did, given how much attention they've paid to Neverwhere in the last six years since its launch. (Er, none, really.) I'd love to be proved wrong on this though.


Wrapping stuff up in preparation for going to France...

Woke up this morning having, I assume, popped a blood-vessel in my left eye while I slept: the white of the eye is the colour of blood, and I look quite scary. Wondering if I'll go to France with a beard or not -- I've had this one since November.

Okay. Back to writing 1602... on chapter 4 now. The big question is how many issues come after this. I'd originally thought of it as a 6 issue miniseries. At his point I'm just hoping I can finish the body of the story in 8 issues. (ME: What if the last issue's a double-sized one, like the first? JOE QUESADA: What if it's just two issues instead?)