Friday, January 17, 2003
Had a long chat with Julia Bannon (the webmistress) tonight and she's going to be pushing Authors on the Web for permalinks and RSS feeds. I'd go into the blogger settings and do it myself, but the last time I went backstage to do something I got the FAQ blogger working, but also managed to make it black letters on a black background, and resolved to leave it to the people who set it all up in the future.

Have slowly come to the conclusion that the iPod isn't actually working properly -- I think the hard disk is actually damaged: computers keep losing it, telling me it's not working and they can't get to it, and transfers of files start well then die. I've tried everything else (full system restore, change computers, programs, firewires) and am now at the send it back and get it fixed or replaced stage.

Did a conference call with various entities at DC Comics this evening about ENDLESS NIGHTS -- suggested that they do a website with lots of cool material from the books on, along with Endless-themed screensavers, desktop themes and so on. If anyone has ideas for things you'd like to see DC put on such a website, send them in on the FAQ line and we'll send them along to DC.

Lucy Anne's put lots more links and such up at The Dreaming --- including the news that booksellers can nominate American Gods and Coraline for different categories in the Booksense Book of the Year, so if you work in a bookshop, then please vote for them, unless you didn't actually like them, in which case vote for something you liked better.