Friday, January 17, 2003
For some reason, probably having to do with hustling votes, Dreamworks have started sending the DVDs of their movies they think might get writery accolades to the members of the Writers Guild, so this evening I watched "Catch Me if You Can", which had some lovely performances, was excellently crafted, and was the first Spielberg movie I've seen in many many years where I didn't find myself at any point urgently needing to kick the director. Well, except for the little girl in the window bit.

Hi Neil,

Just wanted to point out that CORALINE is listed four times on as a 'best of 2002', by gabe chouinard, Jeffrey Ford, Nalo Hopkinson, and Anne Sydenham.

Links to pieces on CORALINE below:,bestof2002-chouinard,3,bestof2002-ford,2,bestof2002-hopkinson,bestof2002-sydenham

Thought I'd share that with you. And also thought I'd apologize for practically elbowing you out of the way at the World Fantasy Convention so I could speak to Peter Crowther....

--gabe chouinard

Not to worry -- and Fantastic Metropolis is a wonderful place with fine sensibilities, so very glad to put up the links.