Wednesday, October 02, 2002
this isnt a question
i just wanted to say how utterly cool you are for answering peoples questions for free. i was just over at david bowie's web site and you have to be a member to ask him questions ($100 a year) what a bastard!
thanks your a ledgend

Well, in Bowie's defense, he's running his own website, which he's paying for and it works on members who get questions and, as I understand it, lots of very real things -- early access, limited material, shows for website people and so on, online chats with interesting people and so on.

I'm lucky -- Harper Collins, my book publisher, run this website. It costs them money, probably an awful lot of money given the work they've put in and the traffic it generates. They are very happy for me to use it as a platform for whatever I want. And I enjoy doing the stuff I do on here. It's the nearest thing to a Diary I'll ever successfully keep.