Tuesday, October 01, 2002
I've just noticed that there's a collected Hellraiser stories coming out -- the stories Marvel's Epic line did in the late 80s -- which includes Dave McKean and my story, "Wordsworth", about a crossword puzzle. We handed it in at the beginning of the Hellraiser series, all ready to go into one of the first couple of comics. The Editor didn't understand it and didn't like it. So kept it in a drawer and he wouldn't print it, as the years went by. We started asking him to return it if he wasn't going to use it. Finally, I think only because they'd paid for it, Marvel printed it in the very last issue of Hellraiser, after they'd cancelled the title, (possibly after the editor had gone as well,) certain they'd have people asking for their money back.

It's nice to see it printed in a collection of the best of those stories, and I hope it's not just because of who I am these days and who Dave is (I don't think it is, seeing that on Amazon, the back cover is almost all made up of Dave's images).