Thursday, June 20, 2002
Hmm. In the home computer in Internet Explorer 6's white on cream and illegible. How very mysterious. I'm sure people are hard at work fixing it. Well, not as I type this. They're probably in bed. But generally.

I got a box of the advanced two-CD set of TWO PLAYS FOR VOICES. If the design work the Harper CD designers have done on the Coraline CD is anything to go by, TWO PLAYS will be even cooler in its finished form, and it's very cool in the Advanced Listening Copy version.

Spent the last several days doing stuff for a lawsuit (watching other people's depositions). It's been really interesting and educational, and it actually bordered, at times, on the fun. Managed to get some work done at the same time, but not as much as I wanted. My own deposition comes up on Monday.

The weirdest thing, on the plane out, was opening a notebook I bought in Venice last September, in which I'd written half a short story. I'd forgotten about it until I ran across it. Read it, really enjoying it right up till the moment I stopped -- and I (the reader) realised that I no longer had any idea at all where I (the writer) had planned to go with it. I know the Knights Templar were going to be in it, but that's about it. I supose it's one of those things I'll type out and put away, and maybe get to use one day, or maybe not.

Hoping to write something in the next day or so about The Future Bible Heroes forthcoming CD, on which Ms. Claudia Gonson sings Stephin Merrit songs over Chris Ewen soundscapes. And then I'll post something about the other forthcoming album I've been listening to.