Wednesday, June 19, 2002
Well, in Internet Explorer the new site looks lovely. In Opera the journal is currently white on cream and impossible to read. And no, I don't know where the journal archives are right now either. (Yes I do -- I searched and they're at And not everything works yet and there are places where we're going to do stuff and right now it's just placemarkers, but even with all that...

Isn't it cool? Haven't they done a wonderful job?

(I took the photo of me writing that's on the home page (and, reversed, at the top of this page) to test out the digital camera I got myself at the end of last year, and thought that it looked like a sort of picture to put on a home page. But that's pretty much my entire contribution to the new look.)

If there's anything any of you find broken, or conversely anything any of you want to help with, e-mail Julia Bannon. (At the bottom of every page.)