Friday, June 21, 2002
Raintown- Manchester- My Home and not even a glimmer of magic to be seen? Why because you don't seem to be visiting at all? Nor London (where I have a good tariff with a fine innkeeper and can easily acquire lodgings.) WHy so prey tell do you seem to be visiting Scotland only?

Er... because we haven't yet announced the UK tour details, but only the Edinburgh Festival bits, I suppose. There will be signings and readings and suchlike in the UK and Dublin in the week between Edinburgh and Edinburgh, promise.

Why isn't there a link to get here from the rest of the site, so I had to search to find it? [Yes, I know, it's probably just been overlooked in the site re-design. But I figured I'd phrase it in the form of a FAQ :-) ]

The link to the FAQs is now at the bottom of every page. (This may be a little counterintuitive. Dunno. Let Julia Bannon know your thoughts on ways we can change and fix and improve the site. Bear in mind that she's in all probability way over budget by this point, and having nightmares in which people send her e-mail to let her know that is, for reasons no-one can explain, suddenly being posted in Hungarian.)

I'm a post-graduate student at Glasgow School of Art and am researching comic book production. I'd be extremely grateful if I could interview Neil when he's in Edinburgh for the book festival. Would this be at all possible? I don't know. For any interview requests when I'm in the UK, contact Her initial answers will almost definitely be "I don't know, we'll have to see how his schedule is shaping up," and will probably wind up transmuting into a variety of yes, no and maybes depending on how much time I actually have available between signing, sleeping, getting from place to place and so on.

Are you still on good terms with Dave Sim? Do you still read Cerebus and if so do you still think he's "brilliant" (as you called him in the introduction to Bone vol. 2)?

We're still on good terms, yes. (We sometimes don't happen to speak for years at a time, and I suspect that when we do speak Dave sometimes finds me as frustrating as i sometimes find him, but we are certainly on good terms.) We don't always see eye to eye on things, but then Dave ploughs his own furrow philosophically, idealogically, commercially and spiritually, one that I imagine has been getting progressively further from the canons of orthodoxy over the last decade, but it certainly works for him. I think he's a brilliant cartoonist, a spot-on caricaturist, an excellent letterer and a very fine writer-of-comics. (In Adventures in the Dream Trade you'll find the reprint of a ten year old essay I wrote on Dave and Cerebus, called, I think, 300 Good Reasons to Resent Dave Sim.)