Friday, May 03, 2002
Signed many many proof copies of Coraline for people at the Book Fair today. Decided to draw a sinister rat in every copy, and came close, although not all of them were sinister. Some were pretty sinister, some were rather sweet, and a few of them looked simply pathetic.

Harper Childrens had the Coraline bags of marbles as well, and I snaffled a few.

At the DC Comics table they had advanced copies of the Chronicle Books Sandman stuff that'll out this summer -- a boxed 40 postcard set, a calendar, a Sandman journal and a Death journal. Really, really nice objects.

Then there were publisher meetings, editor meetings, agent meetings, foreign agent meetings and all sort of things like that. In the evening I went to a DC Comics event with lots of journalists and bookstore people, and me and Frank Miller. Frank and I were meant to talk to the journalists and book people, and kept talking to each other. He's nearly finished Dark Knight 2, and told me about bits of it, and in return I told him some stuff about 1602, and about the Endless Nights book I'm doing for DC. (It's a hardback book of comics stories, each the length of a normal comic, seven in all, and will be beautiful.)

Tomorrow morning begins with me taping a commercial for Coraline and goes on from there. Will report back on the details.