Thursday, May 02, 2002
Lots of stuff to report, but I'm away to the airport in a few minutes en route to Book Expo America, where, tomorrow (Friday) morning, I will be signing advance copies of Coraline, and spending several days having meetings and coffees and lunches, beakfasts and dinners with an enormous number of foreign and domestic publishers.

I finished Miguelanxo Prado's story for Endless Nights yesterday -- a very strange story, in which we get to see one of Dream's first relationships, and learn weird things about the DC universe at the dawn of time (so there will be some people who will find it really cool that Killalla of the Glow is from Oa, and some people will simply go "What a short name for a world"). The strangest thing was writing a two page scene for Delight - who is, obviously, in a hundred million years or so, going to be Delirium, but isn't her yet. The dialogue was, well, a delight to write. And meeting the first Despair was cool, and the version of Death who will make more sense to anyone who read the Jeff Jones story in Winter's Edge...

I hope Miguelanxo enjoys it. Still to go at this point, the stories for Barron Storey, Liberatore, and Moebius. Being drawn are the stories by Manara, Bill SIenkiewicz and P. Craig Russell. Which means I'm over half done.

Jill Thompson asked me if I can mention and

Over the years since Brief Lives she held a final two pages back because she inked them, or part of them, herself, and she didn't want to part with them -- the end of Suffragette City, and the "I have to kill my son" pages. Now, she's decided the time has come for them to go and find a good and loving home. I signed them for her at World Horror, a few weeks ago.