Wednesday, May 08, 2002
Lots of queries coming in from librarians about The ALA 2002 conference in Atlanta.

The Event I'll be speaking at, along with art speigelman, Jeff Smith and Colleen Doran is here, at the bottom of the page.

Getting Graphic @ your library
June 14, 8:30 AM-5:30 PM

Comic books and graphic novels have been a part of American culture for over 60 years, and now they are successfully finding their place in libraries. Join us as we take a practical and fun look at this exciting new trend. Guest speakers include Pulitzer Prize-winning author Art Spiegelman (Maus), NY Times best selling author Neil Gaiman (Sandman, American Gods), Eisner-award-winning creator Jeff Smith (Bone), and Eisner nominee Colleen Doran (A Distant Soil).
Fees: DM: $185 AM: $225* NM: $275 S: $185 *includes $40 division membership

Beyond that, I'm waiting on information from Harper Childrens as to when I'm signing CORALINE stuff at their booth, (number 2129) and there are also some breakfasts they want me to attend.