Wednesday, May 08, 2002
And the word is in from Barnes and Noble -- Not really a FAQ but just letting you know if you don't already that American Gods in mass market has jumped onto Barnes & Noble's Besteller list as of today (5/8/02)at #9. I work at the one in Pineville, North Carolina and personally put it there. Hope you get a chance to visit this area at some point (Pineville is a suburb of Charlotte) -Troy.

Thanks, Troy...

Let's see... a few Coraline things that probably don't belong over in FAQs:

Just read your post regarding the Coraline website. Call me crazy, but did you consider different domain extensions such as .info, .org, or .us instead of just .com?

You aren't crazy at all. We wanted to keep it simple, and Harpers felt that the dotcom extension was the most straighforward way to go.

Good morning from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Uhm, I went to Barnes & Noble's website,, to see about ordering Coraline there. They've got it listed twice in hardcover for two different prices and two different release dates, one at $17.89/July and the other at $12.79/June. Also, the former gives the publisher as HarperCollins and the latter names Morrow, William & Co. Is one a special limited edition? Or is Barnes & Noble as whacked as Amazon? Pray, elucidate.

Barnes and Noble have got it a bit wrong. All the US editions of Coraline are from Harper Childrens, not Morrow. There's what's called a "library binding" on the more expensive edition. I think the book is just bound in a way that makes it last longer, and survive the rigours of being read by many hands. It's for sale to libraries. Also B&N lists the "audio edition" which I think is the cassette and not the CD version of me reading it...

I just read that Dawn French will be reading the UK version of Coraline! So I'm writing a quick message to say congratulations. That is *seriously* cool. But it does leave me with something of a dilemma - which version do I buy?!

That's certainly a dilemma, isn't it? I wish I could help. Why don't you buy one of them (either one. Toss a coin) and then drop serious hints to everyone you know that you'd like the other as a present. (Just pick an event: Birthday. Christmas. Last Thursday before the Great Rains come....)

Hi Neil,
you're probably going to get a ton of support for this, but I just wanted to add mine to the idea of the Coraline reading in SF. I attended last year's signing at the Booksmith on Haight, and was sad when it ended up being just a signing, instead of the advertised reading. So I would swoon with joy at the chance to go see this. I would even pay money! (not to give you any ideas, just so that you can convince the suits that it's a Good Idea)

We'll see -- it's what I'm hoping for.

Hey Neil, A couple of related questions:
1. Is there an exact date of release for Coraline (the book)? I've seen an exact date for the audio book, but nothing solid for the paper version. Which leads to question 2...
2. Will Dreamhaven (the store itself) have copies of either the limited editions or signed copies on that day? I'm a student in Minneapolis and normally shop there, but I live in Milwaukee and will be there for the summer. I'm thinking it might be worth the drive if I know the date I'll be able to get my hands on something other than a bookstore at home will offer. Thanks for the time!

The books will go on sale about a month after the Audio version: 1st of July 2002 is the official publication date, although I'm sure copies will creep out before then.

As for DreamHaven -- they'll certainly get in copies of the limited edition. Whether I'll be able to sign any books for them for release date depends on where I am when they get their Coralines in. Phone them at the end of June and ask them.


The other thing that's really cool is the volume of messages coming in about Coraline from people (mostly booksellers) who've read the advanced reading copies, telling me in no uncertain terms how much they enjoyed it. All of which make me, well, beyond happy. Tell your customers. Tell your friends. Spread the word.