Monday, April 22, 2002
A message from Beth Tarr pointed anyone interested in a bibliography of books by me at Lucien's Guide Volume II: About the Author It's a site she's put together to help librarians who want to know what this Sandman thing is they are being asked about.

Meanwhile, anyone interested in everything I've every written should go and look at Grand Moff Zoe's bibliography at


And I've just got an e-mail from the webmaster and US contact for the Friends of Punch and Judy at . She is a Punch and Judy Professor herself, and, of course, lives in St. Paul, fifteen minutes away from the downtown Minneapolis Hilton. (Why "of course"? Well, I sort of expected it, somehow. See the journal post about Punch and Judy. That's how the universe works.) So I suspect we'll be able to have a proper Punch & Judy show at World Fantasy Con.