Tuesday, April 23, 2002
It's just been announced officially that I've signed a contract with Harper Collins/Morrow for another two books and a short story collection, something I mentioned we were working on, back in this journal around Xmas. You can read about it here


Plans for Coraline promotion include a signing on publication day -- July 1st or 2nd -- somewhere on the West Coast, and one a week later in New York. The West Coast one might be LA, might be Bay Area, might be Seattle -- it depends which store wants to host a publication day Coraline party the most, I expect (Balloons! Clowns! Trained singing rats!). I know Harper Collins Childrens is going to start talking to the various possible stores very soon.

(The New York Location is already decided, but the date isn't firm yet.)

Then August will be a UK tour (and Edinburgh Festival appearances, and no I don't have the details yet, although I know I'll be doing two events at the festival, one on the childrens' program, one on the adult).

September, once kids are back at school, and people have had a chance to read Coraline, will probably contain a few US signings, maybe in Children - Specialist bookstores, maybe in areas of the US I've not signed.

And somewhere in there is a few Canadian signings.

So that's the plan for the UK and US. No information on anywhere else in the world -- when I have it, I'll post it up here.