Tuesday, March 05, 2002
Sorry about that. I didn't really fall off the earth. I shall simply blame Dell computers and their power-cord adapters that don't work, and leave it at that... (This is now the third Latitude AC adapter for this computer.)


Lots of Coraline information...

I record the audio book of Coraline this week.

The Audio Book (which won't be abridged. seem to think it will be but it won't.) will be out in May.

Coraline will be released in hardcover in the US on July 2nd.

Current plans are for one (1) US signing for Coraline around publication date.

The UK release is mid-August. I'll be in the UK for the Edinburgh Literary Festival, and a small signing/reading tour in late august.

Then in September will be the second round of US/Canadian stuff. Mostly readings. Probably about five of them in the US and a couple in Canada.

That's the current sort-of-plan.

And now I shall go back to trying to copy edit the US and the UK editions of Coraline at the same time.