Tuesday, March 05, 2002
In the Sandman/Death story, "The Sound of Her Wings," (Sandman No. 9, I think?) there is a poem that's recited that begins, "Death is before me today like the recovery of a sick man" (I cannot quote it all because I don't have the book before me). Are you the author of those lines or are they someone else's? I'd like to use that poem in an intro to something I'm writing and I'd like to make sure I credit the right person.
Sandman 8. It's a Babylonian poem I found quoted in the first volume (I think) of Joseph Campbell's Masks of God.

I know I've asked this before but Did you see the excerpt of the Dave McKean film about God before time began in the sreening room? No, I got my copy of The Week Before from Dave McKean. He's planning to put out a DVD of his short films.
They're all marvellous.

When I was speaking at MIT last year I read a bit from the "Walking Tour of the Shambles" story Gene Wolfe and I have been writing. One of the listeners noted that a URL was part of the section and ran out and registered it before the end of the evening. is the result...

Right. Back to work.