Thursday, February 28, 2002
You know, I do know that the IHG awards aren't the Stokers. I got one of the first IHGs ever to be handed out, for Angels and Visitations. I inadvertantly named the award "The Linda" in my acceptance speech. In 1998 (I think) I MC'd an entire IHG ceremony. Sigh...

Put it down to posting late-at nightness, really early senile dementia, or lack of tea. (American Gods is one of the 20 books on the Stoker preliminary shortlist.)

Right. Pay attention. Two utterly different horror awards. The International Horror Guild -- public recommendations, juried award. Go and look at it at The Bram Stoker Award, given out by the Horror Writers Association is at One award looks like a small haunted house. The engraved plaque is behind a little door which opens, shuts, then falls off and needs to be glued on and doesn't open or shut any more. The other one looks like a dog with wings.