Thursday, February 07, 2002
Wouldn't it be really ironic if, as a result of your (totally justified) lawsuit, Todd McFarlane's legal fees forced him to seek help from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (despite your intergral affiliation with the organization)? Just an amusing thought... Good luck with the suit... -Rickey

Well, if the various McFarlane companies could demonstrate that the lawsuit was in some way me attempting to impede their First Amendment rights then the CBLDF would support them. But as it�s not about me impeding their Freedom of Speech, but about me complaining of non-payment of royalties, a littered trail of broken agreements and fraud, the CBLDF doesn�t come into it, on either side. (The full complaint is on-line at Newsarama, here, for the curious.)

Remember, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund doesn�t exist to sort out or fund all or any comics-related legal cases. It exists, very specifically, to defend comics creators, publishers and retailers who run into difficulties related to infringement of Freedom of Speech. It�s as simple as that. And you should support it by going to their website right now, and buying some cool merchandise or becoming a member.

Who should I speak with if I was thinking of translating Neverwhere into Irish?

Well, if you wanted to translate it for your own amusement, no-one. If you want to translate it and get it published, you or a publisher should talk to the Foreign Rights department at Writers House (212 685 2400) about getting the Irish-language rights.

I want to purchase a Death poster. I asked my local comic retailer and his answer was that he did not know of any still sold. Do you know of any in existence and how I could purchase one? And, if you'd like, which is your favorite?
Love your stories... Thanks, Jarriott

I�d check with DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis, if only because they tend to order high on my stuff. If they don�t have anything, it�s probably time for e-bay I�m afraid.