Thursday, February 07, 2002
American Gods has just been nominated for a Minnesota Book Award.

Lunch with Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni, during which I learned many things including the joys and tribulations and current status of the Good Omens movie. I'll report back what I can here as soon as Terry tells me I can.

The writing's going very well, thank you. Am in a lovely house of undisclosable location, where I write in the basement kitchen, which is the one room I can get warm...

Lots of interesting FAQ questions, and no time right now to do more than a tiny handful...

What, if any, is the connection between your Snow White story, and a similar one by Ursela LeGuin?

Ursula did one too? How cool. I've not read it, and would love to. Probably (I'm guessing here) the connection is that she read Snow White at some point and realised it was the kind of thing she could use to say things with, as I did, as Angela Carter did, as Tanith Lee did, as Caroline Thompson did, as Walt Disney did. Maybe one day you'll do one too...

Just a brief Question: why no feet and inches for the UK edition of your new book? It would have been much more preferable!

According to my UK editor (and from listening to my English nephews, I believe her) it's because kids don't think in feet and inches any longer in the UK but in metres and centimetres.

Congratulations on your first year bloggin' ...and thank you.

It's been a year? How odd. It feels like no time at all, or a hundred years, since I started. And you're very welcome.

Hi, Neil! Would you be able to tell those of us in MA what other appearances you might be making next week? Aside from Boskone, we've heard rumours of a possible reading at MIT, and a tentative book-signing engagement at Harvard Square. (You were excellent at the Brattle Theatre last year [or maybe it was the year before last].) Please inform us as to where we might see you! Thank you! -Kitty

Embarrassingly, I have to confess that I don't know. If anything has been organised in addition to Boskone, it's been organised with my trusty assistant Lorraine who is a continent away right now. I thought it was just the convention, but sometimes I'm the last to know.