Tuesday, January 15, 2002
Go and check out the rather wonderful site -- Warren Ellis and several other talented people have started a website dedicated to graphic novels. It was looking at the genres area of the site that I realised how very far we'd come in the last couple of decades. I mean, there's good stuff out there. Still a hell of a lot of noise, but there's more and more signal every year.


Finished the Endless Nights Desire story for Milo Manara late last night. A 20 page story with rather less nudity and sex than I had expected when I came up with the idea (but then I reminded myself that Manara did Indian Summer (with Hugo Pratt) and Trip to Tulum (with Fellini) as well as the more erotic work like Butterscotch and Click!).

Sent off the introduction to the forthcoming reissue of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Feeling rather like a juggler right now: too many things to get done, too many deadlines being pushed as far as they will go and a hair beyond, and I just wind up concentrating on finishing things, one project at a time.