Monday, January 14, 2002
And this...

This may come to you as an odd question. For the last year or so I've believed you to be a dead literary genius for the mere fact that when I finally discovered your incredible world of The Sandman I was told, in fact: "Well, you can't get any of the original issues because Mr. Gaiman is dead and they sell for high amounts of money because of it." I couldn't believe that but my best friend also thought the same, apparently someone had told her something similar. Have you heard anything as asinine as that before? Any ideas on how it began? By the way, I finally discovered otherwise when I came across some of you books in the bookstore and knew that you couldn't be publishing books if you were dead, not when they were written after your supposed death. I'd like to see what you think of it.
A confused admirer of your work,

Hang on. Let me check....

Nope. Still breathing.

It's not one that crops up a lot, actually, "I thought you were dead." I mostly get the occasional astonished "I didn't know you were English."

Dear Mr Gaiman,
Are you *sure* that you haven't written a book called Cordelia? It's now been reviewed on Is this all some strange hoax? At whose expense?
Fond regards,
Peta the Puzzled

The Amazon Cordelia page seems to have vanished now. I saw the review, which I thought was quite funny (I think it was a joke, not a hoax.) No, I never wrote a book called Cordelia. (Maybe that was the me who died.)