Thursday, January 17, 2002
Yesterday I got a juicer. I dropped apples and celery and carrots and such into the top and watched everything that went in at the top turn into juice and pulp. Vegetables you could drink. �This is fun,� I thought.

I woke up from dreams this morning, in which my interest in juicing had led me to experiment with other things you could juice, and in which I had begun to juice books and photographs. I was mildly surprised to find that you could extract the essential essence from any book or picture in the form of a juice, removing the pulp. �Why has no-one else thought of this?� I wondered, as I turned several thick novels I�ve not had time to read into half a cup of pleasant-tasting liquid I could drink in moments. �I�ll probably get a medal for discovering this.�

And I woke up, half-disappointed, half-amused.