Monday, October 24, 2022

Bloody Sunrise

Your humble web goblin here again, after a brief hiatus of eight and a half years. How time flies.


"Remember when you hosted 13 Nights of Fright and got to lie in a coffin?" I was nonchalantly decorating for spooky season.

Mr. G allowed that he did without looking up from his latest manuscript.

"That was fun." A pause. "Look what I found in a back corner of the basement, between the mummified shedu and Chabon's golem."

Like a cat with a box, so is Mr. G to a red velvet lined coffin; leave one in the middle of a room and he'll be laying in it the next time you turn your back. I was ready with a handful of box nails and a hammer. It won't hold him for long. We don't have long.


Twelve hours from now, something will premiere. Something seasonally fitting. Something fun. Secret for now, but the revelations begin there.

ETA: More here.

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