Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Goo is what tape is all about. Goo is what makes it tape instead of *paper*.

NOTE: Over on the LJ feed, a user asked how he could avoid reading anything written by me. While there isn't a "no-goblin" feed, there is an "only-gaiman" feed1.


  1. The difference, of course, is that a "no-goblin" feed would include posts by the old Web Elf and Maddy in addition to those by Mr. G, whereas an "only-gaiman" feed contains only posts by Mr. G2.

  2. The "only-gaiman" feed is, perhaps, mis-named, since Maddy is a Gaiman but it filters her out too. Sorry Maddy, and sorry confused users.

Last year, Mr. G and Jim Lee collaborated on "100 Words", a poem by Mr. G which Jim Lee illustrated. It was published in Liberty Comics #2, by the CBDLF, and as a limited edition print on which benefits the CBLDF. (Cat Mihos writes to tell us that there are only a few copies left, incidentally.)

As of yesterday, "100 Words" is available for $0.99 in the DC Comics app from comiXology. DC is commendably doing the right thing and donating its profits to the CBLDF.

Speaking of and the lovely Cat Mihos, yesterday she blogged about the latest item to arrive in the store, a Super-Cabal shirt designed by our friend Jouni Koponen3.


  1. Some of us got together and managed to scrape up some money to bring Jouni out for the Low Key Gathering at the House on the Rock4. In thanks, he brought us some Finnish candy and a small flask-like bottle of some sort of alcoholic spirit. I did not check any bags on my return flight, so had to go through the screening with it. Neither the baggage screeners nor I were able to find an indication of the volume of the bottle amidst all of the Finnish writing, but they estimated that it was over the limit. So I cracked it open and did shots5 until they stopped laughing and told me that it was now safe to bring it aboard.

  2. Here he is with a giant, orange moose:

  3. I offered some to the screeners too, but they wisely declined6.

  4. They also declined to offer me an enhanced pat-down. Your loss, guys!7

  5. Tiger blood. Winning.

Other notes:


  1. I've had some, comb included. It's great. It's won the blue ribbon three years running.

  2. She worked on LazyTown! Talk about a triple-threat.

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