Tuesday, March 01, 2011

confessions of a time traveler

Your humble web goblin here again. I'm scheduling this post to wait until after midnight the morning of 1 March to go live, in part because guest-posting twice in two days seems gauche, but mostly so that I can then admit that today -- that being 1 March -- is my birthday.

He doesn't know it yet, but Patrick Rothfuss has given me a wonderful birthday present by releasing his next book, The Wise Man's Fear, on this day. I can't wait to read it. (At last, my jealousy of Ms. Day will be sated. Well, on this score, at least.)

Mr. G saw PLAY DEAD a few weeks ago and loved it. I've been following along with its evolution and production via Teller's diary and Twitter, and would really love to see it.

Now, thanks to Mr. G and Teller, should I manage to make it to NYC I can see it at 30% off!

The special Neil Gaiman discount code for PLAY DEAD is now operational.

If your fans go to and click on the link to buy tickets, they can get a discount of about 30% on tickets to any show any day of the week, if then type in "graveyard" under "promotions and special offers."

Mr. G said of it, "It's an excellent evening of pure theatre (85 minutes long, no intermission). I think it would be an excellent show to see with a loved one or a good friend."

I had some queries, via LJ feed and Facebook, as to the creators of the two goblin ears hats in the previous post, and agree that failing to include proper attribution was a dreadful oversight.

The one on the left is by "Purple Primate" who, I have just learned, has an Etsy shop from which you can purchase your own. The one on the right is by Brandon; you can see his other work on his Flicker page.

Mr. G specifically instructed that I should link you to Amanda's latest blog post. And now I have.