Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nicholas really really Was, wasn't he?

I was about to drive off and find an all-night supermarket to buy rawhide dog-chews because a dog appears to be teething, and you would not believe the things she's chewed, but something fun just came through, and I thought, I had better post it...

But before I do, a moment of introduction, backfill if you will:

A few weeks ago I noticed on YouTube some wonderful little films people had made to accompany my poem THE DAY THE SAUCERS CAME.

You do not need to play them now, but I'll put them up here in case you get the urge later.

Here's one that uses me as the narrator...

and a couple that have other people reading it...

And I thought, those are really fun. I should suggest on the blog that people do something like that with NICHOLAS WAS... for Xmas.

And then I forgot. I thought of it when I was out walking and I probably got distracted by something like wondering if I should put a lamppost out in the woods, and it fell out of my head.

And then this came in. It was done by a motion/graphics design studio in Beijing as their video Christmas Card.

This is the one you really do have to watch now. Go on.

39 Degrees North: Christmas Card 2010 from 39 Degrees North on Vimeo.

It's wonderful. And it's Nicholas Was, all right.

And if any of you are feeling inspired and want to make your own little Nicholas Wases, you've got a week. Send me links through the FAQ line (NOT Twitter. I am never guaranteed to see everything or even most things on Twitter.)

And a photograph, care of Jonathan Carroll, that also made me feel very Christmassy indeed:

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