Thursday, December 16, 2010

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It was beautiful, today. I took the dogs into the depths of the woods and found myself, at one point, half-expecting to see an old Victorian style London lamppost, there in the snow. Always Winter, and never Christmas I thought, looking at the frozen creek...

And then I started wondering whether I should find a real lamppost and install it down there. Not sure if I will or not. It may be an amazingly silly idea. And it would be a lot of work. And almost nobody would ever see it...

I'm talking myself into it, aren't I?


March 6th 2009 was a hard day.

(I talk about it in this journal here and

I was in a taxi heading for the Blueberry Girl signing when I learned that my father had died of a sudden and unexpected heart attack. I went to Union Square in a stunned sort of a daze and walked around, spoke to my sister, my children... then I phoned Amanda, who was in a van in Perth, Australia. That I called her immediately told me a lot about how I felt about her, and that she offered to cancel the rest of her tour and come and be with me told me a lot about how she felt about me.

I said no, just as I said no to the people who asked me to cancel the signing. I did the signing with Charles Vess for well over a thousand people, and nine hours later, we were done, and Beth Hommel, Amanda's assistant, was waiting with three gifts for me.

And I mention this to give context to Amanda talks about that day, and what she did, and why, and she posts a photograph of me that Beth took, when she gave me the gifts. It was the only smile I remember that long day, when smiles were hard to find.

And that photograph, which I'd never seen before today, brought it all back...


Over at Kitty's Neverwear site, she has her own way of pricing the limited edition prints. Which is, as the numbers get low, she raises the price. She's sold over half of the print run of the Jim Lee "100 Words" print - Jim illustrated a poem of mine, beautifully. She's going to raise the price to $50 each, but it's Xmas, so she's holding off until December 27th. If you buy one before then, the price is still $38.

Read all about it -

Kitty's got some wonderful stuff planned for next year. This year's tee shirts are up at, prints at and you can explore the rest of the site yourself. Big happy healthy chunks of everything you buy there goes to the CBLDF, and the rest goes to feeding Kitty's cats.

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