Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Price of "The Price".

There is a man named Christopher Salmon who has a dream. He wants to make an animated film of my short story "The Price." He wants it to be really faithful, so he's using me telling the story as an audiobook as his narrator. He's already done an animatic.

This is a project being made by fans, for fans. (No, I'm not getting anything out of it, in case you were wondering.)

Christopher is using KICKSTARTER to get it going. If you don't know about Kickstarter, it is a wonderful thing that helps people get projects off the ground. If you want to support one of their projects then you pledge money. If the project reaches its funding goals then the money changes hands. If not, it doesn't.

Okay. Watch this video.

This one went up a couple of days ago. They are looking for $150,000. Which is a lot of money (I believe it's the most anyone's ever asked for on Kickstarter). But you can contribute as little as $10. Which is not a lot of money. And it's really easy to do (when I support Kickstarter projects, I log in, then use my account to pledge. It's a couple of clicks.)

There are rewards offered at different levels for different donors - Posters, Prints, DVDs and suchlike. Or you can tick the No Reward box, because sometimes supporting something is its own reward.

Right now there are 102 backers, including me and Cat Mihos and Steve Wozniak. If you've ever wanted to be a film producer, or if you just think that things like this are a good idea and should be supported, why not become a backer?

And please, as well as supporting it with your wallet, spread the word. Blog about it, LJ, Facebook, twitter... or write articles in magazines and newspapers and websites (like Christopher has 26 days to get there. Let's help him.

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