Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Not really much of a blog post, but with the best photo in the world of me on a carousel ever in it so with luck nobody will mind too much

I am on deadline right now.


For the American Gods-House on the Rock weekend, as a fill-in while waiting for me to write about it, I recommend Valya's blog over at (Valya is the author of The Silence of Trees.) I stole the picture above of me riding the eagle-tiger from Valya's blog.

And yes, it was as magical and as wonderful as everyone says.

I shot from Wisconsin to New York where I saw The Dresden Dolls for the first time. (They've been on Hiatus since I've known Amanda.) Pictures from the evening - including a couple of me - at

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(Casey and Danni Long at the Dresden Dolls gig.)

I took Amanda to meet the people at, with whom I am cooking up some really cool stuff which I am not yet ready to talk about. I talked to them and she played a song on her ukulele. (You can see a shadowy Don Katz, audible supremo, in the background, here.)

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From New York I stumbled to Austin, Texas, where I was caught up in the madness that is W00tstock, standing in for Wil Wheaton. It was madness, madness I tell you...

This is a video of me coming on. That's all I do in it. I come on. You can probably find me doing more than that elsewhere on YouTube.

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These men are Paul and Storm. Founders of W00tstock.
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This is Adam Savage. The man from Mythbusters. He bought the drinks.


Then I came home.


Right. Now I have to go and write, so to entertain you in my absense, here's the New Scientist link to some wonderful forgotten futures;

and here's a link to the info on the New Scientist competition I'll be judging this year 350 word short stories, including the title, on the theme of Forgotten Futures.

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