Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why all the lettering is getting smaller...

I'm flying out tonight to the UK. I'll hole up in the middle of nowhere with my children and ex-wife and my mother as well, and probably be off-the-internet the whole time. There will be no TV in the middle of nowhere, so I will miss Doctor Who and miss "Statuesque" on Sky1 (10 pm Christmas Day).

Then I fly from the UK to Boston in time for Amanda's New Year's Eve gig with the Boston Pops. It looks like an amazing evening, and "Statuesque" will get its American premiere on a big screen as one of the evening's many entertainments (here's the Boston Pops page listing all the stuff that'll be happening that night).

Trying to deal with the last things I have to do before I get out of here. (Also realised very late last night that the problems I've had reading comics for the next Year's Best American Comics that I'm guest editing has nothing to do with losing my love for comics and everything to do with the fact that somewhere in the last year I must have started needing reading glasses for small print and had not realised this. I found a pair of reading glasses and the world became one with good, easy-to-read comics in it once again... I suppose more things like this will happen as I age. How odd.)

I leave you with a handful of links...

Edgar Oliver was on the Moth bill with me a few years ago. This week's Moth podcast is The Secret Origin of Edgar Oliver. ( is the Moth's Podcast page. It's a fine thing to have on your podcast list: strange, true stories that arrive weekly into your world.)

A reminder that I'll be narrating a performance of Peter and the Wolf in New York on January the 16th. (Details at

The McNally-Robinson blog entry on my trip to Winnipeg:

And, for a heartwarming story, go to Cheryl Morgan's blog at Then follow the link.

Okay. Back to last-minute things...

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