Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nakedly Commercial Post Sweetened By A Dog Photo

Just a quick post to let those interested know that both Amazon and Barnes and Noble are doing extreme Christmassy discounts on ODD AND THE FROST GIANTS. It's available for 50% of the cover price...

The link is

The Barnes and Noble link is at


There are few picturebook-makers as cool as Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman, and their latest collaboration, Crazy Hair (Bloomsbury £11.99), for 3-6s, is wild. It’s about a father whose hair is so big it contains tigers, pirate ships and carousels. Distortions and magnifications make the images strange and dark, rivalling the text for energy and verve.
I got to amaze and impress my daughter Maddy the other day, using You may enjoy impressing someone with it. Or perhaps just learn to demonstrate your telekinetic skill (I wish I'd known how to do this when I was twelve. I would have conquered the world with it).

Here's a Czech literary scandal I found fascinating, featuring a non-existent 19 year old Vietnamese girl:

And in case any of you need photos of worried or screaming children sitting on the laps of Santas who go from inert to terrifying:

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