Friday, August 07, 2009

Worldcon Signing info

Too tired to think or blog. Long long day.

Photos of last night's TOR party and my Clarion class from last year are up at Kyle's website at

Hi Neil,

I was so happy to hear you were going to be in Montreal this summer and planned to go to your signing today but alas, no where was it mentioned that you needed to get tickets for the signing at 9am this morning. I know this is not your fault as you likely aren't in charge of such things but it was very discouraging to get in line for your signing only to learn that I couldn't get in. I was wondering if it would be possible to get in a super quick meet & greet after one of your panels on saturday or sunday...I'm sure you are mobbed by people and that's why you have the signings but I would really just like to get an autograph and / or quick picture if possible.
I hope you are enjoying our wonderful city! Keep writing those wonderful books! Cheers!

Sorry. I didn't know either, or I would have mentioned it. It'll be the same deal for the signing on Monday I believe.

As a general rule, descending on me at the end of a panel with things to be signed is not a good idea. Sidling over to me politely with something you want signed it you spot me at an appropriate moment has a much better chance of getting a signature. There are probably no circumstances in which putting a book, comic or poster you want signed in front of me in a Men's Toilet will be an appropriate action or get you a signature.