Saturday, August 08, 2009


I'm awake and happy. The convention was much more interesting than my exhausted post of last night might have implied.

Yesterday began with the Locus Foundation Board Meeting, the Foundation founded by Charles N Brown before his death. These are the people whose responsibility it is to overlook Locus Magazine and make sure it continues into the distant future. I am on this foundation.

There may also be a shadowy Second Locus Foundation, whose job it is to ensure that the future of Science Fiction and Fantasy procedes as Charles had planned it. Or that might be an Isaac Asimov book, now I come to think of it.

I was on a new media panel with Melissa Auf der Maur (smart & beautiful multimedia rock musician), Ellen Kushner, Cory Doctorow (both extensively described previously on this blog, both as to what they do and personal beauty), Tobias Buckell (brilliant author) and Steve Boyett (author and DJ) (both strangely beautiful in their own way)

We looked like this.

and the panel is described at

There was a press conference. (Here's a description.)

I lunched with George R R Martin and Paris, and George gave me a Hugo Loser badge, for I have lost at least two Hugos now.

I signed (that one you know about) for 200 people for 2 hours, while being filmed. I ate sushi with the convention teens and answered their questions, then introduced a screening of Coraline, signed more books for charity and then was interviewed by people who want to make a documentary about AE Van Vogt.


If you see this at Worldcon can you mention that people should pick up the Worldcon newsletter -- Voyageur -- from pickup points around the Palais or in the con suite. We *did* publish info on how people could get signing tickets (twice) and there is lots of other important info in there too. All con members should be reading it. It's also available online at Thanks ever so -- Alison Scott


I'll be in Hamburg, Germany on the 18th of September, for the Harbour front Festival. Tickets and information on my reading/talk are at and are, I am told, nearly gone. The significantly more beautiful than anyone mentioned so far in this post Amanda Palmer will be playing in Hamburg around then too -- whether the day before or the day after I am not quite certain.

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