Friday, May 01, 2009

Quick signing reminders, Paris and New York.

A quick one -- I'll be signing on Monday in Paris, at the Fnac in Saint-Lazare at 5:30pm. Or to put it another way,

Neil Gaiman sera à la Fnac Saint-Lazare, à Paris, le lundi 4 mai 2009, à partir de 17 h 30.

(And if you're in the New York area, I'm being interviewed on Saturday May 2 at 1:00pm... -- tickets should be available at the location. Come for the day.)

Also, next week there will be strange appearances of me all over UK media thingummies. It is rumoured that Henry Selick and will be on breakfast TV for example. And on Blue Peter.

Herewith a lovely article from the Guardian about Coraline and scary kids' fiction, and why it is a good and healthy thing...

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