Monday, May 04, 2009

City of amazing croissants and vanishing laundry

Dear Blog,

I still love you. I have not deserted you for Twitter, even if she does now have her own page at Yes, she is always there, but soon I will get tired of her hundred and forty characters and 335,000 followers, and I will return to you, my sweet patient good-natured blog.

Am in a lovely French hotel suite of the kind I only ever stay in when I am doing film junketty things, which means I am in Paris until this evening to be interviewed about and promote the CORALINE movie. This afternoon is the signing. This evening is Eurostar to London.

So far it's all wonderful -- dinner last night with Henry Selick and Bruno Coulais was a delight. (There were lots of other people there as well - local Universal folk, and Henry's wife Heather, and Maggie from Laika, and Amanda's friend Emilie who she had decided I should meet.) At one point they wanted to know about the Coraline musical, so I sang them some songs, and then realised I had drunk more red wine than I thought, because I do not normally sing Stephin Merritt songs outside of the shower.

Just had a haircut of the kind that does not leave you looking like you've had a haircut, and now down to my first interview.

Au revoir,


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