Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hullo World, It's Me, Neil.

15 minutes before boarding in Porter Airport. (Here's the view from the airport ferry.) I'm in Toronto, en route to Montreal, where I think I'm just doing press stuff for the CORALINE movie.

Yesterday started at 6:45, finished around 10.00pm. Was out of the hotel around 7:50 this morning to do more radio, and feel a bit battered and haggard -- I keep finding myself counting the days until I see Maddy (one -- late tomorrow night) or get home and see my dog and sleep in my own bed (three, some time on Friday) and even the excitement of the Portland premiere doesn't make that go away. (Although I am looking forward to the premiere, very much.)

I've tried to keep apace with major Newbery news and Coraline articles and reviews, as a result of which I have a couple of hundred tabs open and a computer that runs like sludge. If I stay awake on the flight I'll blog them. (Here's the Hollywood Reporter Coraline review; and, because I keep mentioning it in interviews, here's Lucy Clifford's story "The New Mother".)

Meanwhile -- as they're about to board us -- here are three useful twitters (the Times says I am #13 Twitterer. Stephen Fry is King.) from yesterday: is the start of the HBO CORALINE first look. (Thank you @Sarahdope.) My dog romps at 4:21.

First four pages of my Batman two parter are up on Myspace: 

the Coraline bag they gave me.
The Coraline bag is filled with Coraline toys, a pen, a watch, a CURIOSITY notebook, and such.

They're boarding us. More later I trust.

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