Sunday, February 01, 2009

Burn him! Burn Him!

I just watched the HBO First Look on Coraline via the miracle of my computer, Slingbox and my home TIVO (which is the kind of thing they used to burn you as a warlock for when I was a boy) and, while it probably has too much in it that's a bit spoilery for those of you who have taken Mark Evanier's advice and don't want to be spoiled before you see the film, I have to say that I was really thrilled by some of what made it into the First Look, particularly the bit where I get to show and talk about the book I hand-wrote Coraline in, and the shot of my dog romping in the snow while I walk. The oddest part of this tour thing right now is how much I miss my dog (I would miss Miss Maddy, but I call her and chat to her and vice versa, and she will be my date to the Premiere in Portland on Thursday, but I am not -- yet -- one of those people who calls his dog on the phone.) 

Also interesting, the two years between the two talking-heads versions of me, one with a test set behind him who has just gone to Portland before CORALINE starts shooting in Dec 2006, and has just seen the first 3D screen tests; and one in my house in Dec 2008 who has just filmed the buttons film and last night saw the completed film.

Right. Now I fly to Toronto. Tomorrow is going to be a very -- VERY -- long day, starting with a  CANADA AM at about 7:45.

Also (nearly forgot): is the Publisher's Weekly article on the Newbery.

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