Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Quick One

I twittered about my dog needing surgery. Lorraine has written two blogposts that explain all to the curious...

...poor thing. He won't be able to go up stairs for six weeks, or be allowed to run.

Meanwhile, there's a photo of him, and me, and snowshoes from the other day, at

And James Vance sent me a link to his blog that I wanted to pass on. I feel guilty as I don't post all the appeals for help that come in to the blog, mostly because if I did each blog post would contain a link to one or more appeals for people who need medical or other help... But I post some. And they make a difference.


I'll be doing, with Steve Jones, a live chat on the 15th. Details at (I just saw a wonderful Coraline trailer that made  it look more like what it is and less, well, sweet and innocuous. I really hope it makes it out into the world, even if it's just onto the web. (Here is a Washington DC Coraline Wall.)

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