Monday, January 12, 2009


Home again, to sad convalescent dog who cannot go upstairs, and a bed set up in the posh front room downstairs that I never use, where I'm going to be sleeping for a few weeks.

Twittered a lot over the last few days -- would have been a lot more likely to have blogged instead if there was an easy blogging app for the G1, or if the mobile blogging thing register thing worked, which is still doesn't. (The Blogger team wrote to me pointing out that I can blog by email from the G1, which I suppose I can, but I don't -- it adds just enough complexity that I'd rather just open twitdroid, type something and let it go.)

Starting to get an idea of the shape of the end of this month. I'll be travelling around a lot for the Coraline movie, and finally attending the premiere in Portland, Oregon. I love that they aren't having the premiere in LA. They made the movie in Portland, after all...

I just got an invite to the Dublin film festival for the Coraline screening there, which I hope I can do. Then March the 7th is a signing at Books of Wonder in New York with Charles Vess.

And after that, I'm not sure...

Incidentally -- for teachers and librarians (and just people who like cool posters) -- there's an ALA "READ" poster for Coraline. And there's an advance screening of Coraline in Chicago in a couple of days -- tickets from Aint it Cool.

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