Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Just Seven Days I Can Make You A Man With A Dog.

This is what the Carrying a Convalescent Dog Up and Down Stairs Workout Plan looks like. Truth to tell, we're both really tired of it. He knocked over an impregnable barrier at the bottom of the stairs and shot back up on his own, rather than let me carry him back up, and while I've been using my knees to lift, my back is Not Happy About It All. Next time I succeed in finding a shop selling a dog sling, or I borrow a bungalow.

He (and my car, and someone not me to drive it) leave for home tomorrow, while I head off on in different direction for two weeks of Coraline promotional stuff. This is not a good thing, as all the things I was writing have come alive on me, all at once, and all I want to do is keep my head down and write them.

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